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Fashion-Forward Blouses Canada Has Been Waiting For

Step up your wardrobe with a Yvonne Marie original! Whether you want to look professional, chic, or sexy, our selection is what you're looking for to wow clients or woo that special someone. We have a wide variety of colours, materials, and patterns that will make you feel like you can do anything and everything!

Colours that Dazzle

We have women's tops in all the colours of the rainbow! Feeling creative and flirty? Go for a mix of colours to show how you embrace the world. Or choose classic black-and-white that exudes elegance and sophistication. Our silver shirts are also the perfect piece for a chic ensemble. 

High-Quality Materials

Yvonne Marie uses materials that will flatter and accentuate women's bodies. A lace blouse is the perfect top for that night out or a formal engagement. We also have kaftan-style tops made of soft chiffon fabric for the office. Want something that's more casual, but still professional? We have patterned polyester and spandex shirts that come with a bold-coloured sweater vest for those fall days.

Patterns You'll Love

We have blouses that will speak to the wild child inside you. We have animal prints, such as the cheetah's spots, that can show off your ferocious flair and your playful character. Are you into flower power? Search through a vast assortment of colourful, yet subdued, floral patterns that emphasize your calm and cool personality. Sow a little chaos into your day with our abstract art top selection. They'll help you feel fun and funky when you're on the dance floor or teaching your students.

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Yvonne Marie designs tops women want so they can look and feel confident. With a vast array of colour and offers sizes S-XXL, women can find the right size even if their weight fluctuates. 

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